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Miyagawa High: Yokoyama Takashi by tenshpai-senpai Miyagawa High: Yokoyama Takashi by tenshpai-senpai

UPDATE: I was accepted  AHH YISSS. I rp through skype or notes in lit-style. Don't hesitate to ask me or send a note! ! :iconlazeplz:


Yokoyama, Takashi




5th of October


3rd Year


1,86m and 78kg








Takashi is a loyal, patient, dependable and faithful human being. He has a strong sense of duty, which lends him a serious air and the motivation to follow through on any given task. Everyone who has met Takashi would refer to him as friendly and considerate, yet hard to really get to know. Your parents will think of him as a great son in law, because depsite his mature and serious nature, Takashi can be quite charming and fun to hang out with. He tends to be sort of old-school and cares a great deal about traditions and going "by the book", however if inconvenient ways seem reasonable and necessary he doesn't struggle to take a step into the unkown, especially if it means to protect the people he cares about. Saying "no" is difficult to Takashi, due to his very responsible-minded nature. He enjoys offering a helping hand or rather sees a lot of relevance in doing so, which leads to him being unwittingly taken advantage of at some times. Takashi is not naturally in tune with his own feelings and the feelings of others. He may have difficulty picking up on emotional needs immediately, but if you grew precious to him, he'll try hard to meet your expectations and tends to spoil and pamper you. He'll stop at no lenghts to support you and your goals, becaus what you want and what is best for you becomes his priority.


+ homemade cuisine
+ sturdy footwear
+ traditions ( e.g. introducing himself to his lovers parents ' 7')
+ ambient music
+ nature
+ structure, order and aesthetics
+ seeing people smile

- violation of rules
- bullies
- being unable to ensure security for his loved ones
- misunderstandings
- tight collars or anything of that sort, like ties


Takashi had lived a pretty normal life with his parents and little brother Mamoru(12) in Nagoya. Back then his mother took care of the household and little Mamoru, while his father worked fulltime as the head cook of a restaurant in the center. When Takashi was 13 years old his parents got divorced and Mamoru, who at that time was 6 years old moved out together with their mother. Takashi had wanted to stay with his father in Nagoya, for he had been his idol and best friend throughout his childhood. Since his father didn't want him to return home without someone waiting for him with a warm meal, young takashi was sent to Nagoya's International School. He didn't live in the dormitories, but was allowed to stay until the evening and dine with the other students. Meanwhile his mother remarried and beared another child. Takashi didn't see his siblings often, but sometimes he would take the train to Takayama and stay over a couple of days. A few years later his father fell in love again and in order to give him and his new partner some privacy, as well as being closer to his brothers, Takashi decided to move into a boarding school close by. Miyagawa-High located in Hida-shi seemed just about right, since it was only a 30 minutes walk from Takayama. His father agreed with his plans and offered to bear the costs for that he had been promoted to the second manager of the restaurant. Two years passed since in which Takashi came to live in the Miyagawa-High dormitories.


- voice:…
- very protective of his brothers Mamoru(12) and Junshiro(5)
- has his driving license
- likes to wear european clothes outside of  school, like ripped jeans, laced boots and shirts with wide collars
- likes to listen to Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Cystal Castles, The Cure, Muse and The xx 
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