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May 30
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doubutsu ou: CHANCE by tenshpai-senpai doubutsu ou: CHANCE by tenshpai-senpai
For this exciting group! !
Ungortunatelt my tablet died on me once more and so I couldn't finish the coloring and parts of the waist up. I'll fix it as soon as possible, gomen. ; v;

Hiroaki Tomoya aka. Chance




1,83m; 74kg

♕  The Cats  ♕  :iconyaytigerplz:

+ quick
+ very aware of environment 
+ dauntless
+ defense
+ never giving up 

- rash/ reckless
- clumsy
- average/weak physical strength
- close combat
- never giving up

- cheap dynamite
- fire crackers

Aki is a very fun loving and easy going guy. He likes to joke and play around a lot, which makes him seem idiotic and oblivious, which he in fact is not at all! He mostly knows very well what's happening around him and empathizes with people perfectly, which doesn't mean he pays effort to please them or behave considerate. He can be seen as annoying and blunt at times. Aki laughs a lot. He laughs when he gets hurt, when others get hurt. Aki laughs all the time. He is rarely ever found serious, though he does have his in-depth moments every now and then and mostly at unexpected times. When Aki grows fond of someone, the silly male can be compared to an immature elementary school boy. He then begins to avoid that person and act shy around them, though always trying to play it off. That's the rare moments one can see Aki having a hard time and being insecure. He doesn't have any love experience yet... Despite Aki's sharp senses, usual things such as sleeping, eating and/or appointments can be quickly forgotten, so he's often seen hurrying to a meeting point, stuffing all kind of food in his mouth with the infamous bed head. Nonetheless he is a very solidary person and wont ever leave a friend behind, even if it means being beaten to a pulp together. He's got your back, no matter what! 

+ laughing
+ jokes/puns
+ everything edible 
+ serious people (they're funny)
+ cool fighting moves
+ cool catchphrases 
+ the smell of burned wood

- being alone
- having to wait
- being underestimated 
- wet dynamite (it's no fun)
- having to wake up early
- alcohol
- aggressive people

Aki grew up with two older sisters and both father and mother in a simple family house. During his childhood he'd often play with the neighbor's son Kenta, who was a year younger than him. The cheeky boys, who called themselves avengers were often found making a ruckus at the local grocery store. The manager was just an old geezer who couldn't catch up with them, when they yet again fetched a watermelon or two. Aki's mother was a kind mother and payed the old man afterwards while doing the shopping. Aki's father in comparison was seemingly a rather strict man and would give the boys a good roasting in front of everyone, but afterwards he'd buy the avengers ice cream and tell them all kinds of mischievous stories from his younger days, much to their liking. When Aki grew up to an adult not much had changed and he strives to live an exciting life full of laughter and adventure, which is why he decided to join the cats and follow Bianca and his teammates to battle or 'play time' as Aki would say! 

- lives with his big sister, Yakumo (28) but plans on moving out as soon as he can afford it (though living alone is no fun)
- originally dirty blonde hair; his grandfather was finnish
- spouts "POW!" "That was close!" and "GOTCHA" a lot when throwing bombs + laughing, a lot of laughing
- always has some fire crackers up the sleeve or stuffed in his boots/pockets/hood; needs to save up for a backpack
- minor shoplifter; steals small things such as treats/candy out of excitement
- helps his mother out in the petshop sometimes; she doesn't own it, but the manager (old geezer) gave her green light on doing whatever she wants; Aki gets 7$ an hour
- long lashes

Ganbatte everyone! !
I rp mostly through Skype. Let's all have fun~!
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